Arillas Things to do

Things to do

Arillas Things to do

Things to do

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands and the Grand Lady of the Ionian island group. An Island where it’s unique vegetation and more than 2 million olive trees merges with the turquoise sea.

Venetians, English, French & Greeks all lived and flourished here, and left there mark on the island’s numerous sights and attractions. They composed a diverse culture that lives on in every musical note of Corfu’s marching bands, in each glass of Ouzo, in the labyrinthine alleyways of Corfu town, in every love affair that sparks up in the Canal d’Amour. Corfu – or Kerykra as it is known in Greek – certainly knows how to seduce you.

Explore Kerkyra & the island

Corfu Old Town

Meet a brillant culture

Corfu Old Town - Spot unique sights

The historic centre of Corfu town: a scene out of a classic film

Strongly influenced by the Venetians, the French and the English, Corfu Town is a brilliant base for exploration. Unesco has declared Corfu’s old Town a world heritage site. Who couldn’t be impressed by the stately buildings, with neoclassical influences, or fail to be moved by the likes of the Palaces, the gorgeous parks, the Liston Arcade, Ionian Parliament and the Kapodistrias family’s mansion? In the famous alleyways of Campiello, with washing lines hanging above you, and to see where the legendary empress Sissi has mounted stairs from the harbour when visiting her summer resident ‘Achillion Palace’ , you will feel like a star in a period movie.

Discover Hidden Paradises

with private cruises or by walk

Porto Timoni Corfu

Private Cruises

Allow yourself and your friends the opportunity to experience the unique adventure of a private cruise maybe even to neighbouring Islands such as Mathraki, Othronou, Irikousa. Visit beaches that are only accessible by boat and live unforgettable moments by swimming in the crystal clear aquamarine waters.

Krini / Makrades - Agios Georgios walk in ancient times

Corfu is a walker’s paradise. The best time for walking in Corfu is spring, when the wild flowers carpet the ground, and autumn, when the summer heat has diminished, and a new flush of flowers emerges with the first rains. Starting your walk from Krini a easy footpath will lead you to the amazing entrance of the ancient walking path Kalderimis. The views becoming more stunning as you go down the serpentines. Following olive grooves all the way to Agios Georgios will give you a major impression of this wonderful green island.

krini makrathes walking path

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